Choosing An Addiction Center In Arizona

If you are looking for a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center in Arizona, there are many centers offering a wide variety of treatment programs. Some are much different from traditional recovery programs.

ArizonaOne very special program is the Radical Transformation program. It does not use a 12-Step model, and does not provide medication to addicts. Instead, the belief is addiction is caused, the cause can be treated, and an addict can recover. Radical Transformation is a short-term recovery program. While the best results are achieved by staying at the center throughout the 31-day program, different arrangements can be made whenever necessary.

Christian-based recovery centers can also be found in Arizona. Although most faith-based treatment centers have only one program that is designed for Christian recovery, you can also choose a Christian-based center that offers additional options.

If you are uncertain of where you stand with your faith, you can choose whichever program you are most comfortable with for your recovery process. This type of addiction center can result in feeling stronger in your faith, more confident in yourself, and able to live a drug-free life.

Holistic treatment is also very popular. Some holistic treatment programs are based on the 12-Step model, while others are not. It is a natural approach to recovery from drug addiction, with the emphasis on healing the entire person. Holistic treatment programs use a special approach to addiction recovery.

Your mind, body, and spiritual needs will all be addressed. As holistic treatment is in the category of alternative medicine, you may find practices such as acupuncture to help with your recovery process.

If you are dealing with a serious mental illness along with drug addiction, an addiction center in Arizona that includes a psychiatric facility can be an option. You will receive the best professional care to treat both problems. This will give you the best chance at a healthy, quality life after the treatment program.

If 12-Step treatment is what you are looking for, there are centers that are ideally suited to you. In addition to residential treatment programs, you can choose aftercare or other outpatient services. A 12-Step treatment center emphasizes the need for family involvement in the addict’s recovery process.

While your family is welcome to visit you, they can also actively participate in counseling and addiction education. It will help them understand your addiction, and help them prepare for life with you after treatment.

Whether you live in Arizona or want to relocate temporarily for a treatment program, you will find no shortage of recovery options in Arizona. You can discuss your situation with your family or doctor, and ask if they have any advice about the treatment program that is best for you.

Regardless of your addiction history, preferences, or personal situation, there is at least one addiction center in Arizona that can help you with your recovery. Take some time to think about all of your options, and check out centers that capture your interest. The first step to recovery is only a phone call or visit away.