Substance Addiction CentersAddiction is a term used to refer to a perpetual compulsion for a certain drug which is not only physical but also mental. It is worsened by the fact that any attempt to reduce the intake of the drug or stop it leads to withdrawal symptoms (which could be mere discomforts or be very fatal to the mental and physical health of the particular individual).

Drugs are chemical substances which are used for their potential to change the chemical composition of the cells in the body and mind, thus affecting their functioning. Some drugs are meant for disease treatment and are called prescription medication. These drugs are issued by qualified medical practitioners with intake instructions to the people who need them.

Some other drugs are meant for leisure/ recreation and not for any sort of specific treatment. These drugs have no intake instructions and some may be freely available while with only a few regulations from the authorities while others are banned in most countries/ States.

Drug use and drug abuse/ substance abuse

Drug use is the intake of drugs as prescribed by the doctors in: quantities, frequencies and purposes intended. Abuse, on the other hand, is any intake of the prescription drug for reasons other than the treatment the drug is intended for as well as taking the drug against all the prescription instructions. Abuse is also the excessive intake of any other types of drugs (such as alcohol) which at the end of the day affect the body and mind adversely.

Tolerance and addiction

Alcohol is a depressant drug which is taken for its effect in making one feel drunk and it also slows other automatic body and mind processes. Prolonged use and abuse of a drug leads to increased tolerance for the drug, by the body and brain, which makes the user/abuser seek to take more quantities of the drug for previous intensities of the drug (produced by smaller amounts of the same). Increased tolerance develops into physical dependence and addiction.

Alcoholism and its impact

Alcohol addiction is called alcoholism and in addition to affecting the physical and mental health of the alcoholic, it ruins their social and professional lives. For all these negative impacts, a viable intervention to bring the habit to an end is very important.

Alcoholism treatment center

Illinois, like many other US states, suffers high levels of alcoholism and substance abuse and for this, there are several centers which have been set up by the government and individuals to help people get over their addiction. Any facility offering treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction in Illinois should be able to take the detoxification process and counsel the addicts out of their underlying problems; which contributed to their drinking and using.

Any successful treatment program for alcoholism or drug dependence should ensure:

  • Detoxification (withdrawal from alcohol or drugs and treatment of withdrawal symptoms) is done gradually yet effectively
  • There is ample counseling before, during and after detox
  • There is an individually tailor made program for each patient as much as possible since addicts have unique needs underlying the dependency
  • The environment where the center/ facility is situated, the buildings and the staff not be judgmental at all
  • The addict spends ample time (even after their treatment) at the center and is encouraged to join support groups or some other form of aftercare tailored to their specific siituation