Locating an addiction facility to treat any type of substance abuse in Indiana is relatively simple. There are many treatment centers; seeing how prevalent drug abuse (and especially alcoholism) in the state is.

Drugs happen to fall under many categories, but the mostly abused ones are prescription drugs and recreational drugs as well as: depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens (in which most drugs are categorized). Prescription drugs/medicine/medication are those drugs which are issued with usage instructions to treat ailments, while recreational drugs do not have any use instructions – except for few legal and age restrictions.


Depressants are psychoactive drugs which slow the functioning of brain and CNS. Prescription depressant drugs are used for numbing pain (depending on how severe it is) and treating hyperactivity in the brain and the body. Recreational drugs such as alcohol and heroin are taken for the mere leisure of feeling drunk and ‘high’ – where the case with heroin, it involves having slowed bodily processes, making the world around move in slow motion.

Stimulants speed up the functioning of the brain and CNS and include drugs such as crack cocaine, Ritalin, crystal meth etc., while hallucinogens are psychoactive drugs which alter thinking such as Marijuana and MDMA.

Drug/Substance abuse

This is the conscious or unconscious intake of prescription drugs against and without prescription as well as taking the drugs for other reasons; instead of the illness the drug was prescribed for. Recreational drugs, though they have no intake instructions, can be abused if taken in extremely high amounts and when taken with very short intervals in between use. Alcohol for instance is widely abused through excessive intake which keeps the person drunk and renders them essentially useless to themselves and others when under the influence, and eveentually even when not under the influence.

IndianaAlcohol addiction: Alcoholism in Indiana

Extreme abuse of alcohol develops increased tolerance for it in the body and brain which drives the abuser deeper and deeper into abuse; and before they know it, they have passed the physical dependence stage and are seriously addicted to it. Once addicted , the alcoholic cannot stay without alcohol for absence of this drug in their system causes very nasty withdrawal symptoms such as: headaches, chills and sweats, confusion etc.

Alcoholism treatment

Luckily for the Indiana population, alcoholism is quite treatable. There are many facilities and centers providing assistance to alcoholics; to get over their addiction. Every center and facility, whether public or private, offers the addicts full support and help in coming to terms with their addiction. Addicts are also helped to endure the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol when the drug is being limited with the intention of withdrawing it completely.

Detoxification is coupled with therapy in the center/facility or at any other venue (which the addict or their guardian chooses for treatment). A comprehensive program should see the addict effectively cured off their addiction. Regardless of the alcoholism treatment venue, withdrawal of alcohol and introduction of the treating drug for withdrawal symptoms when needed should always be gradual, monitored and the drug chosen on the basis of the severity of the withdrawals. Counseling is important during detoxification and even more importantly after; to keep the patient from relapsing.