prescriptionmedicationsDrug or alcohol addiction is an affliction that has many facets to it; emotional, physical and spiritual issues. Being addicted to anything; especially drugs or alcohol, is an intense craving for the drug and can make an addict’s life damaging and out of control.

Because drug and alcohol abuse is so disruptive and hurtful to a person’s life, the answer to the addiction is not simple. It is the goal of treatment for an addict to stop using the drug, maintain a life that is drug or alcohol-free and be able to once again return to a more functional family life, a more productive work life and be able to assimilate into society once again.

To ensure that an addict gets the help that he or she needs, rehabilitation centers can help with the treatment and recovery process. There are various treatment centers that can make this possible such as: residential and outpatient treatment centers, holistic treatment centers and teen and adolescent treatment centers.

Residential and outpatient treatment centers are two that are used the most to help drug and alcohol addiction. Residential centers give an addict a safe place to live, where they can focus on getting better and where they can stay until they are done with their treatment plans.

An outpatient treatment center is where a person can stay during the day and part of the evening for treatment and then go home in the evening. This kind of treatment center offers more flexibility when it comes to work, school and family needs.

holistic addiction treatmentHolistic treatment centers are centers where the body, mind and spirit are given attention and where yoga and meditation is practiced to help an addict. The main goal with a holistic treatment center is to make a person stronger in mind and body and that in turn, can help them respond more effectively to traditional methods of addiction treatment.

Teen and adolescent treatment centers help young people break their addictive habits so that they can get back to living a healthy and more positive life and where they can get help from family therapy and help them to cope better with their friends, school and work issues.

The most effective treatments for drug and alcohol abuse are medications and behavioral therapy. Of course, detoxification has to begin first and then treatment and relapse prevention. Medications can be especially helpful when it comes to withdrawal symptoms and in helping one’s brain to return to normal and to prevent a relapse and to lessen cravings for the drug or alcohol.

Outpatient behavior treatment has a wide variety of helpful and restorative therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, motivational incentives and multidimensional family therapy.

It is important to note that motivational interviewing can be especially helpful to an addict because it focuses on a person’s motivation to change their behavior and begin treatment for their addiction condition. Some patients who have more severe problems with addiction can also find help and relief in a residential treatment program and that is due to a highly structured program where the patient stays in the residential living home for six to 12 months.

Substance abuse patients can find the help they need in such a center. Alcoholism can be treated; it just takes time, effort and patience. A drug abuse facility can be a godsend to those looking for solutions. Kentucky has many fine substance abuse centers.

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