UtahIn Utah, it is easy to to find an addiction or substance abuse center that will take in an individual who is in dire need of a facility or program without discrimination. Funded by the state, there is a facility of every kind to address the issue of substance abuse. Government officials at all levels are aware of just how difficult it is is to suffer from addiction.

They make it a bit easier to find help by addressing the issue and meeting a victim of substance abuse at whatever level of addiction he or she may be. Do not be afraid to knock, for sure the door will be open. Often, the applicants in need of support at a center do not even need to cry for help. A Utah addiction treatment facility will be ready to take the applicant just by answering a few simple questions.

That is why there is no need to wait or hesitate any longer, not even for a bit. Prolonging one’s agony caused by substance abuse does not make sense when there are at least 58 organizations all over Utah which will be pleased to take in a victim of addiction. These associations know how insipid substance abuse can be, like methamphetamine addiction, for instance, so they have partnered with experts, the private sector, and the rest of society to combat a common enemy.

They know that a victim of addiction may be afraid or ashamed to seek guidance or help for a number of reasons, so they do not waste time to respond. Often, a center or facility in Utah is just a phone call away, all a substance abuse sufferer needs to do is dial 800-281-9728. Every call is completely confidential and no facility personnel will ever threaten or coerce a person who wants to take the steps necessary to be rehabilitated and begin the process of healing.

It is no longer a question of whether one has the means to pay for one’s rehabilitation. Often, it is just a matter of acknowledging the problem on the addict’s part and being willing to take the baby steps. While one would think that a center, facility or program for overcoming addiction is expensive, there are many agencies that will take in a patient for free.

It does not matter if the victim knows nobody, has no close friends, no relative or loved ones, just knowing that one needs help is often enough. Addiction is a serious situation that needs to be dealt with quickly and decisively, so it is never too early to call for help. For anyone with no insurance to cover the costs, there are a number of associations that can partner with a victim of substance abuse to make the process affordable and relatively painless.

The state of Utah has had a great track record in helping reduce the fatalities related to addiction and substance abuse. By addressing the problem fairly and squarely, the state has had more success than the national average. Research shows that since 2004, the state has been consistently better at handling the problem of addiction than the rest of the country.

It is an open secret, one that Utah will only be much obliged to share with any other state and like most other states, the types of treatment are made available from the least to the most severe. The Utah County Health Department outlines the different drug addiction rehabilitation approaches in a pyramid model that starts with general outpatient treatment and moves on to intensive outpatient, day treatment, residential treatment, and finally detoxification services.

By making the model very visible, Utah has succeeded in overcoming addiction and substance abuse where others have failed. The social problem that is costing health care billions of dollars annually, may not be fully eradicated, not just yet.

However, through bold initiatives such as one addiction center, a 2,000 square feet facility that sits right at the heart of the University of Utah, the message is clear. Drug addiction can only be overcome with swift action, bold determination, and knowledge, never with ignorance.