Addiction comes in many forms. They are those that are quite harmless and can be deemed eccentric or weird and there are those that can cause irreparable damage to one’s well being as well as the lives of the people around him or her. The most popular and quite notorious types of addiction are substance abuse, alcoholism and binge eating.


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Substance abuse refers the hazardous utilization of substances including controlled and illegal drugs, tobacco as well as alcohol. The use of these drugs and substances can lead to a dependency syndrome that develops overtime as an individual takes in more and more of these drugs on a regular basis.

The characteristics of dependency include a very strong desire to use the drug, inability to control that craving for the drug despite its notable physical and mental effects over the body and mind, inability to provide priority over responsibilities, obligations and tasks and in some cases, doing extreme acts of violence just to get the drug for their perusal.

Substance abuse is also accountable for a high number of hospitalizations in the United States and is also responsible for many indirect incidents resulting into damage to property and harm to another physical being. Most of the cases of people landing in jails and prison are also related to the use of drugs and other illicit substances. With that said, society has seen a great deal of example as to what substance abuse can do to an individual.

The body of an individual who excessively takes in these drugs also changes as time moves along. As explained above regarding the dependency syndrome, the body of an individual gets accustomed to taking the drug because of the chemical disturbances and alterations in the brain. This can considerably damage one’s cognitive and mental capabilities and also makes it difficult for an individual to undergo treatment.

Yet, substance abuse can be addressed and as such can be treated by appropriate means. It is however a lengthy process that requires weeks or months of rehabilitation where in an individual will undergo withdrawal and some discomfort as well. It all begins with an individual accepting that he or she has a problem regarding a particular substance and he or she deciding that treatment is necessary.

That might sound easy but many addicted individuals find it very difficult to commit to treatment. However, with the full support of the family and friends and the guidance of your local rehabilitation or treatment center, he or she can receive unbiased assistance towards a substance abuse free life.

In the United States, treatment and rehabilitation centers are abundant. Be it in Los Angeles or in the beautiful state of Vermont, if you are looking for more information regarding the centers nearest you, a simple online search should present you with a handful of noteworthy options. You can also check your local directory for an address and maybe a telephone contact number so that you can inquire regarding their program and facility.

These centers not only provide care for the individual undergoing treatment, their programs also include educating the families and friends regarding the affliction, what it does to cause such disturbances and what they can as the supporting bodies around do to help their loved ones recover fully and live a better life.

Substance abuse can present a wide variety of complications when not addressed and treated. Even worse it could lead to irreparable mental and physical damage and even death in the worst case scenario. On the bright side, it is treatable and as such, there is always hope, no matter how seemingly serious the situation is.