No one becomes an alcoholic overnight. The addiction comes with repeatedly consuming alcohol until the desire to drink a necessity. The same may be said for any kind of substance abuse; you may start as a casual drinker, drinking socially when there is an event until you start drinking to seek a particular effect.

VirginiaThe question you should ask yourself is when to know that your drinking habit is becoming a problem. There are a number of things you should watch out for so as to determine whether your alcohol intake is becoming an addiction or not.

You will know that you have a drinking problem if you find yourself hiding your drinking habits from those who care about you, if you are drinking alone, and if those around you are concerned about your drinking habits. Realizing that your alcohol intake is causing you problems is the first step in finding the best treatment for it.

No addicted person would want to admit that he or she has a problem. Those who are really addicted to a substance may mistake their substance tolerance for something very normal.

You should understand that the hardest step in getting into an alcohol treatment program is that of admitting the problem to yourself. The feeling of being in control whenever you drink will always be there. It will be very hard to get sober if you do not admit that you need help withdrawing from the addiction.

You may want to talk to someone who is specifically trained and certified to deal with addictions. Experts will help you open your eyes to the reality you are living. Paying attention to people around you will also help you understand how serious your addiction is.

You will need to be really motivated if you want to be free from alcohol. It is important to consider the dangers of alcohol addiction. Too much alcohol causes liver, heart and kidney problems. It damages the brain and slows down the nervous system.

Those who drink too much have problems with their work; they are either underproductive or they are not performing as they should. Physically, addicted persons tend to look haggard, drowsy and most of them usually suffer from nausea. You will want to think about these dangers if you really want to withdraw from the addiction.

One of the things to guard against is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. The moment you decide to stop drinking is the moment you start suffering from the worst kind of pain. It is the body’s craving for what it has been used to.

Yes, your body will be demanding, trying to adjust, refusing to let go. This may go on for a period of time and you will feel dizzy, nauseous, clumsy, and physically down. You should know that the body is just traversing a period of change, a very brief period that will end after few days of discomfort.

Thinking about the results can be very encouraging. During this period, it is advisable to stay away from friends who will invite you to share a bottle of beer with them. By remaining focused and occupied, you will find out that the pain of withdrawal will be lessened a lot.

It would be ideal during this period in most cases to look into the help offered by a detox facility. They are trained and equipped to deal with withdrawals, which makes the process a lot more bearable.

Be open and honest with yourself. This will help you acknowledge your real needs and accept support from both friends and family members. You can also choose to get treatment from one of the addiction facilities in Virginia.

Going to an alcohol treatment center will permit you to work with specialists and professionals who know just what is best for you. A treatment facility will also bring you into contact with those suffering from the same experience like you. The feeling that you are not alone on the journey towards recovery can be uplifting.

Another advantage of getting into a treatment center is that you will get the best detoxification products and the therapy that is personalized to meet your needs. Getting out of an addiction is a process that demands of the addicted person the ability to acknowledge his or her problem and the courage to make decisions that can hurt him or her.

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