West Virginia

crackThe issue of substance abuse cannot be ignored. The ease with which people can acquire certain illegal narcotics, for example heroin, cocaine, marijuana among others is simply baffling. An increasing number of people are using these and other drugs for a wide range of reasons.’

It could be for recreation in which case people and mostly the youth find themselves pressured into using something they have never tried before. People also engage in substance abuse as a way of escaping the harsh realities of life.

The worst thing about drug addiction is that it affects everyone, and not just the addict alone. Here is the situation, an addict needs a fix but has no money since the craving is so overwhelming he/she will do anything to get the drug including stealing and at times even worse. It is therefore imperative that an addict gets professional help both for their good and the good of society in general.

In West Virginia, one can get drug addiction help without going into too much trouble since there are quite a number of rehab centers in the state. As of 2006, there were about 83 facilities, and that number has obviously gone up by now.

As an addict, all one needs to do is check into any of these centers and ask for assistance. An addict might probably require a bit of persuasion from family members and/or friends in order to admit that they have a problem, but in the end it is up to him/her to make that crucial decision of seeking help.

Rehabilitation facilities will first and foremost detox the patient in order to rid the body of any traces of cocaine, heroin or whatever else that he or she has been using. This process might take a few days depending on the drug involved.

West VirginiaDetox has never been known to be pleasant since during this period the body will be denied of the drug. The cold turkey detox method in particular is quite rough in some situations and is usually not advised.

Addicts however do not have to worry about this in a treatment clinic since there is professional help available that is experienced in this. Instead, specialists in these facilities make use of supporting medication to ensure that the individual is as comfortable as possible.

The next step after detox is drug addiction counseling. This is probably the most important step of all since it seeks to address the root cause of the drug problem. These counseling services are also readily available in the state.

In most cases the center in which you undergo detox will provide recommendations regarding where you should get counseling. It is very common to find a detox facility that is also a rehab center, that is to say that once you are done with the detox process you can check in for a certain period and get the rest of the help you need to begin a successful recovery. This is referred to as a residential program.

The residential program is aimed at completely separating patients from the rest of the world so that they may remain focused on their recovery without distractions and temptations. A great deal of counseling takes place in these facilities with the aim of not only finding the real cause behind the addiction, but also of equipping the patient with knowledge on how to stay clean once they get back into the real world.

You may also look into follow up or aftercare programs. This basically means that once you have been discharged from a residential facility, you will still be counseled to ensure that you do not fall back into temptation. This is very important since drug addiction does not have a quick fix solution, but rather it can be a long and challenging process.

The cost of drug addiction rehabilitation in varies from one center to another; it also depends on the type of program you choose. Residential programs are known to be more expensive than daily counseling sessions or outpatient programs since in the former, everything including food and boarding facilities are provided.